CFO Services

Driving Financial Performance

Hamilton Advisory provides the experience base to lead the financial side of your business to new levels of achievement while minimizing the long-term cost commitment.

Interim CFO Expertise

When your firm is going through a transition in ownership, management or structure, Hamilton Advisory provides CFO-level expertise on an interim basis to bridge a gap in your financial leadership. Our expertise allows you to "keep the wheels turning" and if desired can guide you to a new financial structure or organization, including recruiting staff. Our CFO expertise spans 30 years and multiple industries, including government contracting, manufacturing, professional services and early-stage technology companies.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Whether you need a comprehensive financial business plan, projections for lenders or investors, or just want to model your business to make informed business decisions, Hamilton Advisory works with your internal staff to create in-depth, defendable forecasts and pro forma financial statement projections. Firms that need to create or overhaul their budgeting processes can leverage our experience to create clear, accountable operating plans for their organizations.

Treasury Management

Seasoned treasury expertise is critical for managing a complex business operating in a global economy or managing a complicated capital structure. Hamilton Advisory can assist you with expertise in domestic and international banking, credit and debt management, and working capital optimization.

Organizational Design and Development

Moving your financial group from a back room function to being a true business partner depends both on financial leadership and the sound design of your financial organization. Our CFO experience across many companies and industries helps your company better align financial support with your business operations, resulting in better decisions and improved cash flow and profitability. Job design, training and process improvements also offered by Hamilton Advisory enhance your staff's performance, morale, and ability to contribute toward business success.

Risk Management

Today's Risk Management programs have matured beyond insurance to providing comprehensive analysis of significant business threats. Hamilton Advisory applies a rigorous framework to the analysis of business activities to use Risk Management effectively to help boards and management focus on the right questions. When coupled with an effective internal audit program, Risk Management can become an engine for process improvement and increased organizational performance.